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Slab down & Frame Finished!

Work has been so busy that I havent had a chance to post an update here and the slab is done and frame finished and we have just started on lock up!

Here's some photo spam for the slab stage. Don't have too much to comment on this stage and it went off without a hitch! Our independent inspector is also a plumber so he checked that all the pipes were the right lenghts etc.

It's funny but standing on the slab, it really didnt feel that large! It felt much larger when the walls went up, which was surprising as I had thought being wide and open would feel larger.

The frame stage was much more eventful. First off we had a delay of about a month due to the timber shortage in Australia. It felt like a REALLY long time but credit to our SS that he gave us the heads up about the delay, and he called me as soon as he had a date for the delivery. 

Once the frame got going, it happened pretty quickly. I think it was approx 3 weeks when both levels went up. It was really cool to be ab…

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