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Lock up & Fixing complete

Lockup and Fixing kind of ran into each other and we got both invoices at the same time due to Lockup being delayed by a little bit of roof that wasnt done in the garage.
Credit to our SS for getting things moving along regardless and not letting it hold him up!

There are still a few points to clean up but all in all they are pretty minimal.

It was really exciting to see the walls go up and in particular I was so happy with the but window that was included in our facade. Just sooo pretty! This is in our upstairs rumpus room.

The other thing that was awesome was getting the stairs in! I wasnt sure having open tread was necessary but I really think it is great not to obscure the hallway and it gives an added sense of space.

It's also great not to have to climb up ladders too!

Love the screen too between the formal living/dining and the rumpus. Divides it up but still leaves it open. Can't wait to see it stained!

I didnt think it was possible but the Master feels even bigger with…

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